Forever Wild Seafood Club



Forever Wild Seafood Club will connect you with the wild & free seas, fishermen, an array of seafood and many ways to prepare it.


Forever Wild Mission: to provide good, clean and fair seafood for all in a marketplace that forges trust and generates as many benefits as possible.


Wild seafood is a gift from the oceans, and one that can keep on giving—once a marketplace is designed to do so. Inspired by Newman’s Own, as well as the Girl Scouts, Forever Wild’s quest is to see how much good can come from simply buying seafood that is good for us.


Forever wild, forever giving.


FOREVER WILD presents you a Wild Seafood Marketplace in THREE ACTS:


READY NOW—Act I, Scene 1: FISH IT FORWARD Community Fundraisers


Forever Wild tips the hat to the Girl Scouts by taking a page from their Cookies Sales playbook by offering your organization Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon Jerky to sell as a fundraiser. Your take: 50% of gross revenue. To learn how, click on the FISH IT FORWARD link.


CTA: You can Fish it Forward by gifting an order to family and friends, urging them to gift another order forward. Go to FISH IT FORWARD for a “fishie” (selfie) concept to priming the social media pump for a flow of orders that will generate a boatload of good.


This shelf-stable product (no refrigeration required) is a healthy way to support your community by:


  • Offering essential nutrition—Omega 3’s—to your community members
  • Supporting Forever Wild fishermen
  • Developing a relationship with the sustainable salmon fishery of Alaska’s Bristol Bay, part of Salmon Nation


Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association:


Salmon Nation,


Eat well, help others, sustain the seas—buy one, gift one— FISH IT FORWARD!


With FISH IT FORWARD, Forever Wild is inspired by the respect inherent within the Gift Economy & Culture that indigenous peoples in Pacific Northwest and Alaska have enacted for millennia in reciprocity with wild salmon.


Jim Lichatowich, Salmon Without Rivers (p. 36): "The salmon…allowed the human to kill it, and in accordance with the rules of the gift economy, the hunter assumed an obligation to treat the animal (the gift) with respect.”


Lewis Hyde, The Gift: "The spirit of the gift is kept alive by its constant donation...the giving of gifts tends to establish a relationship between the parties involved."


SPRING, 2016—Act II, Scene 1: In the Flow, Seafood on the Go Snacks—estimated Spring 2016 launch


Stage One of the Forever Wild Seafood Club—with offerings of shelf-stable seafood snacks to keep you energized in the flow, on the go (click on the In the Flow, Seafood on the Go link below to learn more). It may interest you to note that wild salmon are constantly swimming…


This is for those whose time is tight and full or those who prefer many small “meals” throughout the day. Your shelf-stable Seafood Snacks can be safely stowed “on call” in your purse, pocket or backpack.


With In the Flow, Seafood on the Go, Forever Wild introduces its buying Club format and give nods to both Co-ops and Costco. An Annual Membership Fee gains you access to Club prices with limited, affordable mark-ups—thank you, Co-ops and Costco, for showing the way.


Estimating a Spring 2016 In the Flow, Seafood on the Go launch, the Club is currently a work-in-progress which you can help design, develop and learn as we go—sign up to receive e-newsletters to keep informed and provide input. [E-newsletter CTA]


SUMMER, 2016—Act III, Scene 1: Seafood-Twice-a-Week


In Summer 2016, when the final curtain rises on Stage Two, Forever Wild will offer Seafood-Twice-a-Week, an array of seafood to supply your basic nutritional and tasty needs of two 4 oz servings-per-week, as recommended by _____ (link to NOAA, Sustainable Seafood Partners sites). As with In the Flow, Seafood on the Go, you are invited to help design this seafood service—[E-newsletter CTA]


The Club will provide you with Meal and Budget Planning advice to achieve Seafood-Twice-a-Week, as no one need bust their budget to eat healthy.  And for those far from the seas and unfamiliar with seafood—your may have heard that adage: don’t buy seafood if you can’t see the oceanForever Wild and our fishermen will bring the seas to you, via stories, photos, and sometimes with webcams—if you are game for the rolling seas. 

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