Forever Wild Gives Back

Are you a 501(c)3?

We want to work with you!

Forever Wild Gives is a fundraiser program that is easy for 501(c)(3)s to implement. No upfront inventory purchase is required. We partner with community organizations to sell tasty, high quality salmon jerky online.

How it works:

Step 1 – Is this a good fit with our organization?

Decide whether you’d like to activate a Forever Wild partnership to fundraise for your organization. In doing so, you will offer your supporters a tasty and nutritious snack and give back to the fish and fishermen ecosystem.

Step 2 – Partner Application

Complete the short online Partner Application. We will contact you within five business days once your application is received.

Step 3 - Let’s Talk! Mutually Review Application

Forever Wild will schedule a follow-up phone call to learn more about you and your organization’s needs. The Forever Wild representative will review the partner services we offer including: marketing materials and co-promotion, your partner logo. on the Forever Wild website, handling e-commerce transactions and shipping.

Step 4 – Personalized Partner Agreement

Fill out the Partner Agreement contract terms.

We believe in transparency. We will share our budget with you so you can see our operating costs and how we can generate funds for your organization. As a partner organization, you will receive a designated percentage of net-profits on your sales as outlined in the Partner Agreement.

Step 5 -  Partner Page Development, Marketing and Promotion Plan

Provide the assets and information needed (logo, short paragraph about your organization, etc.) so that we can create your Partner Page for the Forever Wild website.  We will also review the co-marketing and promotion plan.

Step 6 – Launch the Fundraiser

We will provide you with a sample email, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter post to share with your supporters describing how the fundraiser works. There will be a link in all these forms of communication for your supporters to order directly from us.

Step 7 – Order Fulfillment

Forever Wild will ship out orders weekly, as they are received.

Step 8 – Fundraising Distribution

Based on our mutually agreed payment terms, funds will be distributed on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Step 9 – Ongoing Marketing

We will regularly share fun, nutrition-related, and informative news and facts. To amplify support for our partnership and your fundraising potential, please share our newsletter with your supporters via email and social media. If you prefer, we can work with you develop a partner newsletter to send to your qualified contact list.

Step 10 – Partner Program Review

We welcome your feedback anytime. After the partner program is active for at least a month, we want to hear how it’s working for you and your supporters.  

*Orders are delivered directly to the consumer. The Forever Wild marketplace is the best way to source high-quality salmon while insuring the highest value for both fisherman and our community partners alike.

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